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Online Stores

E-Commerce or online store are service online which allows you to sell your products around the world on 24/7

In a world completely globalized where acquire any product just in a couple clicks this opens a whole new world of opportunities to full to expand our business.

Provide products and services 24 hours at day, 7 days at week from anywhere in the globe is very simple from a online shop offering to your customers the availability to purchase products or services from their own home using their credit card or PayPal account.

In JAR Design we offer you statistics on your sales, products & orders; as well events or appointments of services that your company provides.

All this tools helps you to provide better marketing campaign and better approach to your weakness and strengths to finally acquire your business goals


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Do you want to have a online store or be able to schedule events such as appointments medical, work at home, advice of any kind and charge in advance.